WE CAN PRODUCTS a unique sales & distribution company

WE CAN PRODUCTS has been created specifically to maximise the potential of our CANATISER  personal sanitising range of products and our expertise, to grow the products, brands and businesses of small business owners.

We are a proud seller of  the Clarke Colours product range. Including their  trusted brands of top-quality products for a wide range of sectors and applications. From paints, polishes, air-fresheners, sanitises and much much more…

 IN addition, WE CAN PRODUCTS offers sales-orientated people an exciting business opportunity too!

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Our first products were targeted at the sanitisers market with an pwerfult range of hand and surface sanitisers.

The Clarke colours range provides many solutions for Arts & Crafts that can be used on almost any substrate, including polystyrene. 


Always ensuring the meticulous maintenance of quality and environmental safety, WE CAN PRODUCTS  has and will continue to developed many new ranges of products to address:

* Hand & Surface sanitisers.
* Cleaning Products, as well as a comprehensive range of Multipurpose Polishes and Air Fresheners in 13 different fragrances.
* Automotive products including Car Polish, Carb Cleaner, Brake and Clutch Cleaner, Penetrating Oil, Motorcycle chain lubes & cleaners
* Insecticide,
* Security and industrial products,
* Medical products for animal use.


We also have broad range of in-house formulations (OEM /White Label products) for virtually any type of aerosol product you may require, and will facilitate small volume contract manufacturer and packaging of aerosols products from runs of as little as 100’s to tens of 1000’s of units.

In addition, we offer invaluable assistance to many small and large brand owners who use our services, technology and expertise to maximise their company’s market success in every area from product research and development, to production, branding, and packaging and distribution through our nework of of affiliated marketers country wide….


Our state-of-the-art computer systems, our country wide marketers and distributors – allow us to ensure your product is developed and sold. We are able to give our customers updated information on product progress.

Who we work with – WE CAN PRODUCTS currently works with many local and international  manufacturers and assists them to get their product to market and develop brand recognition – LET US HELP YOU!!

If you would like to find out more about working with, stocking/selling the products we promote, or to discuss  your aerosol filling needs please contact us today or call us on +27 11 704 3264.